The Van Build: Insulation

Floor: BEDRUG Vanrug review


Review: We opted to go for the Vanrug floor product.  This product exceeded my expectations, because it basically worked as-is.  There were a few dotted lines to cut on the mat to fit different floor configurations, including cutouts for the factory floor D-rings. With about 2 minutes of cutting, it dropped right in.  It was so nice that I immediately took my shoes off and lay down on it.  If it weren’t for all the dirty gear we’d be hauling in and out of this van, I think I would have just wanted to keep this as the final floor.


  • Extremely quick installation, about 3 minutes
  • Perfect fit for all Sprinter floor configurations


  • Slightly lower than ideal insulation rating (R-value 2)

Overall: A-

Wall & Ceiling: Havelock Wool review

Link: Havelock Wool

Review: After a bit of research, it seemed that quite a few folks were opting to go with the Havelock Wool product for wall and ceiling insulation. The runner up seemed to be 3M Thinsulate. We opted to go with the Havelock Wool product for quite a few reasons, primarily for ease of installation in tough spaces, it’s natural water repellant properties, and its very high R-value. I am also a fan of natural products, so this did appeal to me for that reason as well. We were slightly concerned that the wool may have an “organic odor”, but that proved to be a total non-issue.

Havelock Wool also provides a great information resource for calculating the amount of wool that needs to be ordered, along with fantastic installation tips. We ordered 3 boxes and had a 1/2 box extra.


  • Extremely high insulation rating (R-value 7)
  • Easily stuff-able into the otherwise hard to access nooks and crannies of the van
  • Natural moisture and mold management


  • None

Overall: A+

Installation resources:

To people who want their van the easy way.  To the people who don’t want a project.