The Van Build: Demolition

The demolition process was not as straightforward as we anticipated.  The video we watched made it look pretty simple, but each step came with a little learning curve, just getting first wall panel clip out took us about 20 minutes to figure out.  After a few, we got the hang of it.  

Pulling out the floor of the crew van was a much bigger pain in the butt than I anticipated.  I also did this on my own, which was pretty unruly.  My drill wasn’t strong enough to pull out the T45 screws, so it was mostly manual work. I couldn’t find any videos for pulling the crew passenger rials,  so it turned out to be mostly brute force, and I ended up breaking some of the plastic components.  The floor is a better job for 2.

The final step were the rear crew van doors which use a different latching system than the rest of the stock panels. Yet another Adventure Wagon video to the rescue. 

Installation resources:

To people who want their van the easy way.  To the people who don’t want a project.