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Hi, I am Chris Comair. Here you will find the documentations of my climbs, some big, and some small.  I find that gathering route and condition information is not particularly useful or well suited for the internet, so rather than focusing on the technical climbing aspects of my endeavors, I’ve focused on documenting the experiences themselves.

Most of the posts here are written very soon after they actually take place – usually during downtime in tents or mountain huts.  I try to keep my edits done at home to a minimum, mostly to correct the babbling, or lack thereof, induced by high altitude and exhaustion.  Any of my posts written completely after the fact have been noted accordingly.

While documenting these stories, I try to be as respectful as possible to the people who partook in them, while also staying as true to the situations as possible.  Climbing, especially in expeditionary settings, tends to reveal more characteristics than what we voluntarily expose on a normal basis. Because of this, names of most people have been changed, barring my very good friends and professional guides.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me here.

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Mt. Hood, Devil’s Kitchen Headwall

Bad luck or poor planning, whatever it was, Jessica and I set our eyes on this climb a couple years back but never managed to send it. Whether it was bailing in very dry conditions or forgetting our boots at home, we ended the 2019 season shot down by this…

Ecuador the Hard Way

Upon arriving back to Ecuador for the second time, now few years later, I had all the same levels of excitement as the first, but with something very different in mind.  Technical climbs.  However, because of how poorly the technical climbs of Ecuador are documented, I had really very little…

Mt. Adams, Adams Glacier

Annually since 2019, Jessica and I have humping our gear up the Killen Creek trail hoping to find the route in favorable conditions.  With the overheard objective hazard that this glacier presents, neither Jessica nor I wanted conditions to be anything less than stellar.  We were looking for was a…

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