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Bugaboos 2023, Climbing in the Melt (8/18/2023)

Bugaboos 2022, A Dream Realized (8/13/2022)

El Potrero Chico 2023, Vamos a México! (4/7/2023)

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Cordillera Blanca

Cordillera Blanca 2019, Redemption (8/12/2019)

Cordillera Blanca 2018, Death & Failure (7/13/2018)

Cordillera Blanca 2017


Ecuador 2021, Escaping the Pandemic (2/7/2021)

Ecuador the Hard Way (12/9/2017)


Check out some of my favorites

Mt. Hood, Cathedral Ridge

There are really 2 ways to climb the Cathedral Ridge. Either approached by Lolo Pass, all the way from the far northwest flank of the mountain. While scenic and pure, it requires climbers to somehow get back to their car when descending to Timberline.  Alternatively, it can be approached from the good ole south side. It…

Ecuador the Hard Way

Upon arriving back to Ecuador for the second time, now few years later, I had all the same levels of excitement as the first, but with something very different in mind.  Technical climbs.  However, because of how poorly the technical climbs of Ecuador are documented, I had really very little idea of what I had…

Tocllaraju, West Face Direct

Three seasons ago, I met a friendly Spanish-Argentinian duo in the Ishinca Hut. We would be climbing Tocllaraju on the same day, them from the West Face, and me from the Northwest Ridge. I snapped this photo as a memento for them, but it ended up being my cell phone’s background for the next 2…